Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I want that dinosaur sticker!

I owe the Do It club, my personal and very awesome accountability group, a blog post. My post was supposed to be about cheating and the five things I learned while doing it (cheating). It is a long story and a very good one, which I will hopefully complete in the next few days, but, rather than surrender to procrastination or worse, perfectionism, I decided to wing it-Blog Style.

Look what I found while I was looking for that thing I couldn't find (the Word doc about cheating), electronic scraps that I don't remember writing, a part of the Project 575 that was supposed to ship a year ago-

The Unshipped Messages


defused sunshine

tiny buds on orchid's branch

a snail awakens


Ladybird landing

the duck eluding the drake

love blankets the earth


shadows lengthening

awakening sea of gold

earth's fascia alerts


to the sea's sunset

feminine set in motion

doe off her path


the back garden soil

spring eludes the two of us

a labor of love


uncovered earth

cats eying birds eying worms

lenten's plan emerging


the brink of spring's bliss

snow again covering the earth

purple shoots rise


the river flowing

swans cannot now remember

a hard winter's day


Our enriched soil

the wind resisting each shoot

narcissus rising


white and purple blooms

the earth launches her signal

crocus persists


an early greeting

the stretch of lush nothingness

lambs in a green field


warm glow of waking

plenty of day to wander

bird sings in the tree

575.13 ( for Earl)

in the bloom a breath

the question is the answer

creation exhales

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