Monday, December 22, 2014

Clean Mind Policy

For sometime now, I have been practicing a strict clean desk policy. At the end of each work day, I tidy up what normally looks like the Tasmanian Devil’s workshop. All papers off the desk, hopefully in binders, but sometimes in piles in drawers, but out of sight. Pens & pencils in their purple leather container, coffee cup in the dishwasher, discards to the recycle bin, shared items to the cabinet.

The only paper allowed on the desk surface is tomorrow’s To Do list. This makes for a nice closing ritual for the day and for a fresh start of the next day, which is particularly nice on Mondays or the first day back from vacation.

This morning I woke up thinking about adopting a Clean Mind Policy.

I don’t mean cleaning up my dirty mind. I live in Holland, any type of censorship is bad and what fun would that be anyway?

What I am thinking about is creating a habit of regularly and actively removing the daily mind clutter that comes with working and that stands in the way of my happiness pursuit. As, Taylor Swift puts it, to shake, shake, shake it off. Get rid of it before it becomes hoard fodder for my brain or worse, my heart.

Like most things I do, I need tips and Jedi Mind tricks to use on myself. Maybe, the best way to start this is to do it at the same time that I am cleaning off my desk; a mindfulness exercise to make sure no unnecessary annoyances, grudges or petty peeves go out the door with me. Maybe I can even put it on the end of tomorrow’s To Do list as a reminder.

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