Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Scale? We don’t need to Stinkin’ Scale

I know that scaling is the way to make something big out of a small operation. But, who says scaling is the only way to go? I just heard about Ugmonk through 99u.com and I love Jeff’s desire to grow slowly and sustainably.

I am still very surprised that  "how will you scale?" is the first question asked of any type of start up crew, even though I shouldn’t be, since I focus on the stock market where scaling up to IPO is the only growth model.

In the old days, a baker or a butcher was not concerned with scaling, he was concerned with making a living and thus, providing a quality product to ensure the security of his income. These days with the reemergence of artisanal makers, where small and hands on is the new model, why are we still so focussed on scaling up?

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